Making an impact

As a thank you for this kind offer to Buy 1 Lesson Forward, we will add your name to a list of Givers. If you wish to remain anonymous then please add that in the message section.

Buy 1 Sewing Lesson Forward

Buy a sewing lesson for someone less forunate.

Sewing is a life essential skill that fewer people are able to learn due to school cuts in the arts sector.  At Couchman Bespoke we believe in equality to learn skills to empower people for the future.

People on a low to no income have very few opportunities to better themselves, especially in London with a high cost of living.  Being on a low to no income is not a subject to be sneered at either as everyone has their own story behind their circumstance.

If you are in a fortunate position to be able to Buy 1 Lesson Forward or more, then please do let someone else have a new experience that might spark a future living for someone and their family.



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