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Contemporary luxury tailoring that offers so much more than clothing

Couchman Bespoke’s garments and tailoring are of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Your bespoke pieces will last a lifetime with effortless style. 

The clothes are made in London and are inspired by our modern lifestyles and structured silhouettes with Japanese origami pattern-making techniques.

We operate to help lessen the impact of the clothing industry on the planet and for those living on it. As a bespoke tailor, we are dedicated to reducing the water usage and pollution produced through the manufacture of garments made under our name. 

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Alterations and bespoke

Kind to our planet

A social enterprise which gives back

In this short film, Claire tells us about how Couchman Bespoke came to be, what’s important to her and what she loves most about her job.

Alterations and bespoke clothing


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Sewing courses

Want to learn to sew, make a pattern or copy a favourite garment?

Sign up for a Couchman Bespoke sewing course via Obby

Courses are available face to face in Canning Town or online in a group setting or 1 to 1.

Ask us about our courses or go over to Obby to sign up!


We aren’t a shop. I work alongside other artisans in a shared studio in East London. If you’d like me to alter or make a garment, please book an appointment

Yes! I run courses under the name ‘Moxie Craft’. Have a look my list of upcoming course dates

As a bespoke tailor, we can alter all clothes. Garments that are more delicate require more time spent on them and will take longer. Three weeks is the minimum timeline.

Unfortunately we do not have the space to work on such items.

A garment can take up to six weeks minimum to make. A suit or gown can take up to five months to make.

Three weeks minimum is required for alterations of gowns that require time taken to provide a quality finish.

Please bring or wear the correct underwear, shirt and shoes you would be wearing with the garment generally.