Our giving story

💚 Isn’t it lovely to know you are helping others?

Buy a sewing lesson and give a day’s wage to a teacher of disadvantaged children. Or buy a zero waste product and provide disadvantaged children with educational tool kits. #educateall

👗 Get a garment altered and give a woman access to income generating tools. #endpoverty

Join a copy a garment class and plant a tree in Borneo. Then educate former loggers in business management when you learn to make a garment block. #enddeforestation

The Sustainable Development Goals are:

1)No Poverty

2)Zero Hunger

3)Good Health and Well-being

4)Quality Education

5)Gender Equality

6)Clean Water and Sanitation

7)Affordable and Clean Energy

8)Decent Work and Economic Growth

9)Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

10)Reducing Inequality

11)Sustainable Cities and Communities

12)Responsible Consumption and Production

13)Climate Action

14)Life Below Water

15)Life On Land

16)Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions

17)Partnerships for the Goals

Check out my Giving Story through my website and more info on @buy1give1

I do an extra happy dance with every sale for this reason 💚

Sustainable Development Goal 6


Clean Water and Sanitation are things we in the westernised world do not have to think of much. It is free flowing and we have toilets everywhere. Just take a moment to think of those who do not. I do not wish to put a downer on your day, but to have clean running water is not common for everyone. For all of the water pumps put in place thousands of people will be served by it.


Sign up for the COUCHMAN:bespoke newsletter and we will donate to projects giving access to clean drinking water at no cost to you. So far we have provided 150 days of water access to families in Ethiopia.

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Water is such a precious commodity to all life on earth. Just think about how freely you use it day to day the next time you turn on the tap. Do you need to run it the whole time whilst brushing your teeth?


At COUCHMAN:bespoke we have given 2172 impacts across 8 of the SDGs with Clean Water the current top giving impact. Claire has taught 88 classes across the past two years and altered 100 garments, saving more than 270,000 litres of water and 18,000kgCO2eq carbon through the longevity of use.


The #sdgs are made up of 17 interlinked global goals designed to create a better and more sustainable future for all across the planet. The 2030 agenda adopted by the United Nation Member States in 2015. From No Poverty to Sustainable Cities the SDGs act as a blue print for peace and prosperity across the planet for people, the environment and animals. @sdgaction


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Charity starts at home


That is why I give back. Because if everyone thought ‘someone else will do it’ nothing would ever get done.

I am introducing @buy1give1 here, who I partner with to give back to projects supporting people, planet and animals. For every product or service that is purchased through @couchmanbespoke I give back to those in need. Read on to hear about their work…

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This month, we are highlighting the amazing impacts you’ve contributed towards #SDG10 and #SDG5! ❤️

#ReducedInequalities and #GenderEquality are 2 vital components in creating a world with equal opportunities for everyone to thrive 🌎 We celebrate the amazing progress that has been made over the last few years. More girls are going to school, fewer girls are forced into early marriage, and more women serving in positions of leadership – the list goes on!

Despite this, the hard truth is that this battle is long from over. There are still discriminatory laws, forced child marriages and women continue to be underrepresented at all levels of political leadership. And to add, the regressive impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has diminished many past efforts.

This makes the work that we do so much more important! Together, we can do so much more to create a world with equal opportunities for women and the next generation to thrive.

Find out how you and your business can be part of the change.

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