Biodiversity in Fashion Pledge

“The commitment is a critical step in transforming the fashion industries relationship with nature that will inspire others to do the same, and collectively work towards an industry we can all be proud of.” Website: Common Objective Couchman Bespoke @couchmanbespoke

Clothing care tips

Shrinking clothes is one of the most common laundry fails. Wool, silk, cotton and linen all react to a heated wash causing the tension in the fibres to pull back when they were stretched out. They return to their natural shorter state. This can happen during washing or drying. So even if you wash in […]

Our giving story

💚 Isn’t it lovely to know you are helping others? Buy a sewing lesson and give a day’s wage to a teacher of disadvantaged children. Or buy a zero waste product and provide disadvantaged children with educational tool kits. #educateall 👗 Get a garment altered and give a woman access to income generating tools. #endpoverty […]

Ethics of life

Ethical is … … treating people as equal. … giving back to the earth for what we take. … treating animals with care and as living beings on the planet. 👫 Everyone no matter what their job or background has a right to a fair wage, good working conditions (to not have a building fall […]

Going circular

To be circular means eliminating waste and creating a continual use for resources. Circular systems encourage the reuse, sharing, repair, refurbishment, remake and recycling of source materials to create a closed-loop system. Minimising the use of new resources and the creation of waste, pollution and carbon emissions. We also need to change how we shop, […]